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Bologna, Italy – 17 November, 2012
1. Various of lavishly decorated cake in Chinese style
2. Various of peacock cake
3. Various of fashion cake and decorative icing
4. Cake in shape and decoration of Louis Vuitton bag
5. Cake in shape of Versace stiletto shoes
6. Wide of cake designer Alan Dunn modelling sugar flowers
7. Mid of screen showing Dunn’s hands modelling sugar flowers
8. Visitors looking the Alan Dunn’s workshop
9. Dunn’s sugar creations
10. Visitors taking photos of Dunn’s creations
11. Close up of a sugar flower by Dunn
12. SOUNDBITE (English) Alan Dunn, Cake designer:
“I think a lot of it, a lot of the certain interest has come about from the American market, from the American TV programmes, which is crazy. You know in the UK we’ve been cake decorating for centuries. But sugar paste, I think, has made cake decorating more accessible to the general public. And I think also cupcakes. So I guess in Italy it probably started with the cupcake craze and gradually the Italians are beginning to realise that cake decorating could be a much bigger thing.”
13. Various of cake designer ‘Shaki’ showing visitors her famous royal icing
14. Cake shaped as a stork carrying a baby on a cabbage
15. Various of a cake shaped like a Russian woman in traditional clothing
16. Cake decorators taking part in live cake decorating competition
17. Various of designer modelling cat-shaped cake toppers
18. Designers hand smoothing chocolate icing
19. Various of designer making female torso shaped cake topper
20. Wide of a cake designer team working for the “Live competition” in the fair
21. SOUNBITE: (Italian) Vanessa Albertini, Beginner cake designer:
“Last year, on November 30th, I wanted to make a special cake for my child’s first birthday. I discovered the world of the sugar paste on the internet. Last year’s cake show had just been, I had missed it by a week. So I started finding ideas online, or trying to, and I made the cake for my baby – quite a terrible thing if I look at it today! And step-by-step, always trying, studying, reading books, browsing online. I also took a course at Maison Madeleine (the Italian cake design school which organises the cake fair).”
22. Wide of competition table
23. Pan of visitors looking at live competition
24. Sign reading (in English) “Baby chef”
25. Child using rolling pin
26. Mid of Christmas biscuits on table
27. Child decorating a biscuit
28. Close up of snowman-shaped biscuit
29. Close up of child
30. Close of modelling tools
31. Mid of cake designer Imma Bonavoglia showing children
32. Mid of cupcakes on tray
33. Mid of children eating cupcakes, UPSOUND (Italian): “They are so good!”
34. Wide of wedding cakes exhibit
35. Sign reading (in English) “Live Competition”
36. Various of women working on icing
37. Various of celebrity cake designer Greggy Soriano (in white glasses) watching competitors
38. SOUNBITE: (Italian) Vanessa Albertini, Beginner cake designer:
“Of course I thought about it but today unfortunately it is very hard to work. The (economic) situation is very difficult for many people and also for me. And I love it (cake design) so much but I would like to be more prepared to make it a profession.”
39. Various of visitors looking at stands in the fair
40. Wide of people queuing to enter
The craze for sugar art and all things iced is on display at “The Cake Show” in Bologna, Italy.
The international festival has attracted cake design talent from all over the world and sweet toothed visitors have come in their thousands to marvel at the decorations on show.

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